Dale Allotments Nottingham

The A to Z of Allotments – P

P is for Primula

Spring has arrived!

The Primulas are beginning to poke their heads out

Now is the time for new planting

Next meeting and Rents

Meetings are advertised on the gates and notice boards at Dale Allotments 

The A to Z of Allotments – B

B is for Beans

An allotment staple, beans of all kinds are rewarding to grow and can produce bumper tasty crops. With so many varieties there is something for every gardener to take delight in growing.

(Yes, we know there are courgettes in the picture above, but don’t the shades of green look lovely?)

The A to Z of allotments – F

The A to Z of Allotments – B

B is for Blossom

It’s that time of the year when trees show off their flowering side. This is apple blossom but there are all kinds of trees, fruiting and ornamental, that produce blossom, and you can find it all over the Dale Allotments.

An aerial shot of the Dale and the allotments

The A to Z of allotments – A

Latest meeting dates

Our next meeting dates are to be confirmed.  

We will inform tenants of any meetings on the Allotment gates

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